'Falcon' is the brand new record from The Glorious, and it is a major work by a singular band.

'During the making of this album it dawned on us that we were discovering the essence of the band', says singer and songwriter, David Mather. In this light, the record is a revelation, a tour de force of beautifully crafted, sublimely melodic and deeply affecting songs.

'If I'm going to sing something then I'm going to stand behind it', continues Mather. 'The lyrics are real, a truth. I'm singing from a very real place'. One listen to the towering ballad 'I Wake Up' or the album's title track and this is made abundantly clear. The record is unashamedly emotional and heartfelt.

It is also remarkable in scope ­ swaggering grooves sit alongside bruised, mournful ballads, hypnotic incantations and even a shimmering pop chronicle of a journey into deep space. It is all made seamless by the restrained, uncluttered production of Mather and long­time collaborator Julian Mendelsohn (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel). The slightly raw, spacious sound of the album allows the songs to stand clear and free.

After three albums The Glorious inhabit a space truly their own. It is a space from which they attempt to convey something meaningful, and where the song is king. The powerful 'Falcon' is compelling evidence that they are doing something right.


"twelve tracks that expand and build upon the band's penchant for timeless songwriting"

- Tone Deaf, 'Surrender to the Change'